June 12. 

You live, and you learn. Not everything in life is going to go as you planned. In fact, life is not meant to have a plan at all. Everything happens for a reason. And majority of the time, that reason is to teach a lesson. Tonight I learned that you cannot force love to happen. When love comes to you it will come to you, and it will come to you when it is your time. You cannot rush love. Love is patient and love is kind. You cannot hold grudges. You cannot host hate. Hosting hate is only angering yourself. It is living with the past. It is not being able to move on. It is not being able to say “I forgive this person for what they have done to me”. When you forgive you don’t necessarily need to make it known to the other person that they have been forgiving. As long as in your heart you know you have made peace with that time in your life then you have forgiven and you can move on. Life is too long to be hated and not loved. 


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